Saturday, October 20, 2007

She came in through the bathroom window!

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Current Music - Why Don't We Do It In The Road? - The Beatles
Walk of Life - Spice Girls
Can you feel the love tonight? - Elton John

So, I just saw 'Across the Universe' again.
And I went to Rain (The Beatles Experience) friday.
I'm totally adoring them right now. My CD player currently holds The Who (Endless Wire; thank you Grant!), Wolfmother, The Beatles (aka, the White Album) and The Beatles 1. (5 disc changer) I just flick on one of the three Beatles, and groove. Oh wow. AtU was as amazing as ever. It's just an incredible movie...I love watching it and finding all the random quotes from Beatles songs. Ex, "I told meself, when I'm 64..." " 'Where'd she come from?' 'She came in through the bathroom window' " Tehe. So bad, but sooo funny.
I finally bought Sean a birthday gift saturday night. I was in Chapters, looking at the comic collections, and thought to myself "Sean wanted a comic collection...but which....I know! I'll call him!" Now that we've lost all the surprise to buying each other birthday gifts....Oh well, I'm very happy. I'm getting a t-shirt of my favourite xkcd, AND I bought my dad and myself an Ian Rankin novel. He writes amazing British crime fiction. I read the book "Naming of the Dead" over the summer, and I'm now completely addicted.
I'm really going crazy, I think. I'm doing so much, and I'm changing so much. It's actually rather odd. Meh.
Oh god...Grant, have changed my mind, majorly.
I'm sure I could have quotes from debates today, but, no, too tired. =P

Things that made my day:
Seeing Sean
Miko and Russel winning, Kees getting 1st speaker
skipping two classes.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm back. Riot in the streets.

Current Mood - Tired, midly angry.
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So, yeah. I'm back. I've decided I have enough on my mind that I'm going to try and blog again. No garuntees about how often, but I'll try.
Soo, life's been pretty weird. I'm confused a lot lately. Like, one minute, I'm really happy, hyper, acting like I'm five. James can attest to this. Next, I'm like, super angry, for no reason. And it's no use blaming PMS, because this is happening all the time. Another reason I'm trying to blog. Gets stuff off my mind/chest.
I of the biggest things that's bugging me, is Grant. That may seem odd, but, when I'm with him, I'm over the moon, as any girl would be. But, when we're not together, when it's been a couple days since I've seen him, I get angry. For no reason. He's lost his phone again, which bugs me, cause we don't always talk on MSN every night. But at least we'd try and text. Lots. I feel better just talking to him, but when i don't get a response...Chloe, Robyn, Kelsie, Chelsea, Anna and Becca saw what happened at band camp. I was just...pissed/scared. When I don't get a response, I get worried. I worry that I've done something wrong. But anyways.
Band camp. That was fun except that I broke down on Thursday. During the Presto of Mvmt. 3 of Suite on Canadian Folk Songs, that was just too much noise. I had to get out of there. I felt like I had my concussion again. Then, just add onto that, everything comes pouring out. My worry with Grant, stuff that had happened at camp, not talking to Sean, The Ex-Keepers, my odd feeling of loneliness/forboding...i just cried my eyes out for a little while. It felt good by the end.
In much more recent news, Amanda Arthur's back at Aberhart. Which means, we're going to fall apart. Again. Dammit. We try to be Swiss, but it's difficult. Anna and Becca have already indicated that they're leaning towards Amanda, and I've proven that Chelsea's got more of my loyalty. Aidan, smart boy, is staying as out of it as he can. But it's not just our group. It's the entire band too. We're going to get a picolo back, and she's going to go prima donna on the rest of us. Oh well. We'll see what happens.
I saw Across the Universe on Saturday. It was SO AMAZING. I totally want to see it again, soon. It was And I met some crazy cool people, Josi and Daniel. We had good times. =)
That's all I really have to say for now. I'll try to update at least once a week. We'll see. No Quotes for now, mainly because I only decided to blog about ten minutes ago. =) Ciao.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Insulting your captor is not wise.

I had to, I just had to. Anyways,

Current Mood - rather happy

Current Music - none

I've not got a lot to update. Thursday I went to Alyssa's for a Keepers get together. We had fun, and I laughed very hard when Sean was getting attacked by mosquitos. =)

Hm, yesterday was very slack. I cleaned most of the morning, then Kelsey, Nils and i went to the mall, as we all needed new flips flops. I ended up getting wonderful purple flip flops, and Franz Ferdinand, and two t-shirts, all of which I adore. FRANZ FERDINAND!! i've never actually owned their first album, but i've borrowed it, and I adoree it. Better than their second one i think. =) So I'm very happy about that.

HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX COMES OUT IN 10 DAYS!!! I sooooo can't wait. Apparently, I'm going with Daniel, Amanda, and a friend of Manda and Dan's. It'll be fun, we're all going to dress up. =) Oh man, this is gonna be a great month. OOTP, and HP and the Deathly Hallows, Stampede, Nils going home. I know that sounds harsh, but I'm kinda happy Nils is finally going home. I've lived with him for 6 months, and we get on each other's nerves. He's the oldest in his family, and he's used to being the wise one, the one everyone goes to for help. But, we don't need that here. He's tried to give me advice about stuff I've been using long before he was here. Once, a program wasn't starting, but it was late, and I didn't need it, so I turned off the computer. Well, I attempted to. I'd clicked the icon so many times, about 16 i think, that the computer had to end the program 16 times before it could turn off. So, it came up with the box with the loading bar that said, "Ending Program, or click 'End Now' " So, I waited, for about two boxes to run their course, then I started clicking "End Now" every time it came up. Nils saw me doing this, and told me to just let it end. I didn't listen, because I knew what i was doing. When I clicked "End Now" he had a huge freak-out. It annoys me so much when he thinks he's right, when really, he's not. I know more about here in Canada than he does, and I can easily do things the way I want or the way I know. He insists we do it his way. I hardly listen anymore, because it's just plain pointless. I know what I'm doing, and he doesn't understand that he's not the wisest one here. Maybe I could be a little less stuck up, but he could stop trying to be my older brother too.

Wow, my blog is posting with double-sapces. That's really annoying. It irks me.

Anyways, that's my rant for today. Hope y'all had fun. =)

No Quotes, but I will add this new one I've been meaning to put up:

Things that make my day:

Franz Ferdinand's first album.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

yay for fat duck/hippos and robots!!!

Current Mood - Exhausted, sick of life!!!
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I'm friggin sick of soccer. Last week, on monday, i had a practice, wednesday was an extra practice with Nils's team, thursday and friday I reffed for MSB, saturday and monday this week were my games, and sunday I played up with Nils's team. Yesterday and today, I was reffing, yesterday for NCU, today for MSB. Yesterday I went to the zoo for about 5 hours, and today I went to Heritage Park for about 3 hours.
I hated my home coach yesterday. Tori (a carded referee) was my linesperson, and she was great, flagging the offside positions just like i asked her to. When I actually called the offside, the coach would freak out at me. (U12 Boys) At halftime, he came to me with some story about how his players are in their half, and are just running around, and when they get the ball, I think they're offside. BLOODY HELL, NO!!!! I mean, players are fast, but NO PLAYER IS FASTER THAN THE BALL!!!! Fuck him...seriously, people ACTUALLY don't want to ref his games because he's such a jerk.
Anyways, i took Nils to the zoo yesterday. Kelsey met us later, after her exam, and Grant joined us too. =) It was going around the zoo. We really had a good time.
today, we went to Heritage Park. Mitchell, james and Dessi came as well, and we had a really good time. Chloe was supposed to come, but unfortunately couldn't. =( Oh well. We had fun, even when Kelsey and Des were being idiots, and putting pennies on the track. Ooh, Sean's going to work there later this summer. =) Can't wait.
After Heritage, I went and AR'd a couple games for Murray. They were great, a U14 Boys and A U16 Boys. I really enjoyed running the lines, and the second half coach was great, so good about keeping his bench in line. =) Makes my job easier. And Murray's just a great ref, I really like working with him.
Henry came over on Monday too. That was fun, we played Wii. Wario Ware is sooooo much fun. =) It was good times. We ate an entire bag of chips, and drank two litres of Kool-Aid, aka sugar water in about two hours, by ourselves. =) I love days like that. That was my mini Stetsons tour celebration, which probably would have been larger, had I still been dating someone in Stetsons. =P But it's cool. You guys should be on the road now, poor kids. According to Kelsie, you were supposed to leave at 1, but left around 3:30 because a bus broke down. =( Oh well. Have fun, and be amazingnessly awesome!! I love you all! =) <3
Well, now, I'm done. Really? Mostly. Oh well. Wow, talking to yourself Haley? Yep! =P

*whistles* "Sorry Red, we didn't realize..." *thinks, "Yes Haley, you and your multiple personalities didn't realize they were subbing"* - Haley + Haley's inner voices.

"Automatic doors make me feel like a Jedi. That's why I joined the Facegroup Book!" (Grant)
"You know what you just said?" (Haley)
"Facebook group?" (Grant)
"Dammit not again!!!" (Grant) - Grant and Haley at the zoo

"I could run a hundred laps." (Kelsey)
"Not if you're a fat little duck/hippo" (Alec)
"But I'm cute though!" (Kelsey) - Kelsey and Alec playing Wii

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Everyone's got something to hide except me and my monkey

Current Mood - Strangely happy and midly tired
Current Music - The Beatles - The Beatles

Well, what has happened in the past few days? Hmm, well I suppose the most major thing is Tim breaking up with me. I'm surprisingly not hurting as much really. Sunday was crappy for me, then, Monday rolled around, and I guess I just got up saying, "Okay Haley, Let's start the week fresh." So, if you're reading this, I'm okay.
Other than that...Science reviews every day this week except Thursday and Friday. The exam is tomorrow, so I guess that makes sense...=P Anyways, I think I've discovered that every Science 10 teacher in the school was better than mine. Can't believe my parents perposefully organized my schedule so I could get her.
In other news, I've been listening to Gustav Mahler non-stop for the past few dys. It's kind of funny, because his moody, depressing music is actually helping me feel better. I've got it momorized, which i don't think is a good thing. =P I'm quite happy sitting on the bus listening to it, while all the annoying Junior High kids get on and create a rucus.
Wow, I'm actually out of things to say. =P No quotes even!

But I do have a picture for y'all. =D

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Random musings.

Cheers to it all, I hope you had fun. Running around, you ruined my life hun. The secrets kept so dark, can't believe I escapred with hardly a mark. The things I found out as the end of the year...A story so deep, I'd long to hear. Because we were quiet, because we were friends. This is our secret, until the world ends. I'll run with you, toward you, away from you, I'll never run from your words. The words that are written, so firmly in pen, that worry me, scare me, but are done. What's to be said about them, who I am in your eyes, I couldn't think you'd be the right one, the perfect one. I'd give you a chance, if there was no other, But the other is so mimportant, you might not understand it. Look kid, I'm sure you think I mean lots. I'm not too sure, your stories are wild, do I really want to be part of that? I think not my friend.

i'm allowed to think about him
or am i horribly wrong
to think
but thoughts aren't forbidden
not here
not now
but thoughts are so dangerous
like the way they feel
a danger to them...
something they should never feel
simple words for complicated feelings
thought that betray us
thoughts that destory us
though of love, thoughts of death
all that consumes my thoughts
is him, but is that wrong?
it can't be wrong to feel the way i do
because of what he does, so important

These are random musings I wrote, when I should have been focusing. =P Hope you liked them.

Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove

Current Mood - Tired, fairly happy, still a little dreamy
Current Music - Wolfmother

Not much has really happened, I just felt like blogging. Today started off rather odd, with my mother calling my cell while I was half-asleep. She and Kelsey had left for Medicine Hat, and Nils was on the phone. So, call Haley's cell phone! *rolls eyes* At least they got through...Anyways, because of the major rain, Nils's game was cancelled, which means although I was ready to play up (for the second time in two days; different teams) I didn't have to. Which meant that I had to study Science for an hour. Uggh...
After that, my dad and I went out ot take the recyling away, and went on some errands. That was kind of important to me, cause I don't spend so much time alone with my dad, and I love drvinig him, listening to Q107. We got some rather yummy lunch, and saw na old teammate of mine, Jeremy. Man, that kid has changed...Well, nothing of importance happened really.
Driving home, they played Led Zepplin's Black Dog, which is one of my favourites by them. (yes, it's my title) For a moment, I lost my mind and thought the lyrics went, "Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you brood" Rather odd to think of that, but then again, my head's not always been in the present lately. Damn, why did I think of Tim when I heard that?
Anyways, we're heading out my brother's play tonight, should be fun. And if anyone wants to hang out some time soon, please tell me!! I'm going to die of boredrom if I don't get out of my house every now and then.
Oh, completely forgot!! When my parents went out on Thursday, they went to a party for my uncle's party. Long story short, 54-40 were playing, and Dad got me Matt Johnson(The drummer) 's autograph!! AND JAMIE MCLEAN AND RHETT WARNER'S!!!!! I was sooooooo happy, and still am. I really like 54-40 and I love the Flames!!! Anyhoo, that's just some randomness for ya. =D je t'en manque mon petit